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Give me a £5 note and I’ll swap it for a £20 note!!!

How to impress current and potential clients......

We are asked so many times “OK, you’re the experts, what are the best branded giveaways at the moment?”

It’s all down to who the people are that you need to impress!

You know yourselves what impresses you. You know that a freebie is always well received, and you know that a well branded, good quality product will attract the attention of others, not just the person that you gave it to. MARKETING is everything now, and you ned to use every tool available to you.

GOLDEN RULES: * Choose an item that you know your clients will use.

  • Choose one that is long lasting
  • One that has a great visible area
  • One that you KNOW their colleagues will want to have also
  • Think eco……we do, you may do, bet your clients do!
  • Think if the client is desk bound, in the car a lot, into tech…..
  • Ask us what’s trending, what’s new, what’s impressing the top marketeers
  • Plan ahead….
Please contact us NOW, and throw some questions at us, because WE KNOW we can help.

So yes, spend the equivalent of £5 with us and reap the rewards of £20 from your new clients!

(Multiply as many times as you wish!


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