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Ethical Policy

Our Sustainable, Environmental and Ethical Policy

Print and re-cycling Run Print Run works on the basis that print and promotional products do not have to be environmentally degrading, but rather it can be produced in an environmentally and ethical manner. 

Our focused approach to the use of recycled, FSC and ethically produced materials, from sustainable sources ensures that even in a manufacturing environment we are working hard to improve resources for future generations, whilst leaving minimal impact on the current environment. 

We constantly make efforts to monitor product and energy waste, whilst working towards conscious conservation of The Worlds limited resources. We believe in engaging in safe practices to promote a healthy work atmosphere and reduce any risk from the use of chemicals, overwork, child labour, and building safety. Especially in our factories abroad, we encourage fairness and equality, instilling the virtues, of a happy and safe workforce is a reliable and sustaining workforce. 

We promote the use of natural resources responsibly, and sparingly, and encourage innovative ways to reduce the burden on the environment through new ideas and listening to advice from environmentally friendly resource groups. 

We operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and strive to not only use best practice, but to also advise clients on goods that may use recycled, eco friendly, and biodegradable raw materials. 


As an environmentally responsible company, we strive hard to support innovative technologies to reduce the use of chemicals, water and plastics. Our focus is in engaging with like minded suppliers and clients. 

We remain cautious of our carbon footprint, and take measures to encourage others to learn lessons whether they be staff, suppliers or clients

How we do it 

  1.  Setting environmental objectives and targets on a continuous basis and committing the resources to achieve them. 
  2.  Ensuring that the aspects and impacts of our activities, products and services are part of an on-going review and reduction process. 
  3.  Ensuring that outsourced factories both in Europe and The Far East, follow our ethical processes to the best of their abilities. 
  4.  To ensure that outsources factories both in Europe and The Far East are taught that well looked after workforces, produce better results in terms of environment, working day, and end product. We personally visit all of our factories, and encourage this fairness. 
  5.  A commitment to the prevention of pollution through assessments, continual monitoring of our processes, activities and products. We will minimize waste, especially hazardous waste by source reduction, reuse and recycling programmes. 
  6.  We seek ways to improve our environmental performance and ensure a safe and healthy working environment for ours staff in UK, in Europe and in The Far East. 
  7.  We shall maintain compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. 
  8.  We will communicate with our employees, our outsourced factories, our suppliers and our clients to encourage safety, environmental awareness and ethical awareness. 
  9.  We are committed to ensuring that wherever possible all the above points are in place, and become second nature to our production chain.
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