Printing And Production


As we now specialise in Print and Promotional material, our machinery and manufacturing changed dramatically over the past decade.

We still have our high quality litho presses, but we now also have superb digital presses, as well as Far East manufacturing.

Speedmasterr 5 colour B2 Presses


These presses are fabulous, producing amazingly good reproduction for longer run brochures, flyers, cards and advertising material

Xerox 700i digital


Mega fast set up, mega fast runs, up to a few thousand. Digital reproduction to enable us to turn around orders almost as fast as you can raise them!

Xerox igen


Probably the best digital presses that our money can buy! Superb digital reproduction from paper to card, A7 to 6 page A4…….superb piece if kit

Design studio


The equipment and the people……….fabulous. We have some of the latests hardware, software and chains to keep our designers in place!

Far East Production


Its been necessary to look abroad to produce all the thousands of promotional products we run, from Clothing to watches, from diaries to pens and from electrical goods to flags

Welcome to Run Print Run where YOUR success in sales and marketing is OUR business.

We will send you a free soft feel notebook, and a free promotional items brochure, just let us know where to send them?

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