No, I Don’t Want Another Keyring! (What Are The Best Promotional Items?)

You’ve been at an event. You’ve been handed free gifts from various businesses, and you empty your bag when you get home. It’s full of keyrings. There are big keyrings, little keyrings, plastic keyrings and even fancy keyrings made of wood. One keyring might be alright, but you’ve ended up with dozens.

And what is a keyring? It’s a little portable advert. Unless they’re always sorting their keys into different sets and categories, most people have no motivation to advertise your business through a keyring.

People want more from free gifts, if they’re going to actually use them. They want something practical that actually benefits them. Then, whenever they’re using this item, your business name or logo is visible.

So, what are the best promotional items to give away?



Unlike keyrings, you can never have too many pens.

Pens might have a habit of getting lost easily, but you can think of this as a positive. If someone’s lost their pen, it’s likely been swiped by someone else. With your business name on the side, it’s efficient word-of-mouth marketing!

Promotional pens are one of the best promotional items to hand out because they’re cheap but incredibly practical. Everyone needs a new pen!

Power Banks

Power banks are amongst the best promotional items for trade shows. They’re not as cheap as branded pens, but are even more useful.

Many people use power banks every day, helping them to charge their devices on the go. Your branded power banks could be set on train tables, used on desks in workplaces and carried through busy city centres. If you’re looking to make your company more well-known, then a power bank is surely the way to go!

Reusable Bottles

Reusable bottles will always be amongst the best promotional items to give away. They’ll be appreciated on the day by anyone that’s forgotten to bring a drink, and would prefer to fill up at a tap or water fountain than pay for over-priced mineral water. And, after the event, these eco-friendly gifts will be used again and again.

Something Kids Can Use

Make a parent smile – give them something that they can take home for their child. Even if you’d rather the promotional item was used by a parent, the parent will still see the gift and remember the logo on the side.

Things like novelty stress balls and drawstring bags are amongst the best promotional items for kids. The drawstring bag can be used for their PE kit, whilst stress balls are just good fun. Flying discs, beach balls and yo-yos also come under this category. You could even give out little rubber ducks!
Lots of small children learn to grow cress in tiny plant pots as one of their first ever school projects so seeds and plant giveaways also make amazing gifts for any parent who wants to help their child learn to cultivate their own little kitchen garden! A row of plant pots on their windowsill will remind your customer of you and your company’s generosity and creativity every day!

To help people remember your business, give them something that will make their little one smile.

What Promotional Items Work Best?

Know your market. The best promotional items are the ones that will be valued by the types of people that use your business. Small torches for camping companies, reusable shopping bags for older customers, notepads for business clients…e

Finding the best promotional items to hand out at events might seem like a challenge, but is easy if you look beyond the keyring. Click here to get in touch with us and we’ll advise you on the best promotional items to choose for your event.


Image source: Pixabay

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