Why Eco-Friendly Promotional Products Will Make Your Business Stand Out

There’s now a great deal of pressure on companies to not only make a commitment to sustainability, but to also prove their environmental awareness in a tangible way. Many people don’t feel comfortable buying disposable everyday items; they don’t want to feel guilty about their carbon footprint. Instead, they opt for sustainable options that reduce the impact on our planet.

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A perfect illustration of this is the widespread use of eco-friendly promotional gifts. If your company is managing its carbon footprint, and showing its allegiance to protecting the planet, then this should also be applied to your corporate ‘giveaways’ or fundraising products too.

Those who are more environmentally conscious than ever tend to boycott companies who have a reputation for careless waste and show enduring loyalty and support for businesses that make an effort to help the planet. The more you appear to care about the planet, the more you’ll appear to care about your customers, too.

The Brand Values Of Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

It’s now possible to buy eco-friendly promotional items for your customers, suppliers and other target audiences. Eco-friendly printing companies can still add your logo and brand message on items such as pens, notebooks, promotional clothing, travel mugs, sports bottles and promotional bags that have been produced from recycled materials.

However, equally importantly are the benefits of eco-friendly promotional products that come from marketing and PR too. If you source items that fit within your sustainability agenda, you can show loud and clear that you practice what you preach!

This careful choice of promotional items can also provide you with an important competitive advantage. Your corporate gift, event giveaway or fundraising product will stand out from items dispensed by rival organisations!

How Can Promotional Products Be Eco-Friendly?

Sourcing giveaways and products for charities and other ventures has never been easier.

The promotional gift and product market is huge, and thanks to modern manufacturing methods, just about anything can be produced with a logo and wording on it!

Eco-friendly promotional gifts tick off certain important boxes. For example, they are items that are highly durable and re-usable. This means they are going to be used for a long time, as opposed to ‘throw-away’ promotional products. For example, coffee mugs can be used over and over and last a long time!

Another important factor in a company’s green credentials is the use of sustainable materials – no single-use plastic allowed! This makes your eco-friendly promotional item ethically responsible.

Some green gifts and products even encourage their users to be more aware of their environmental impact, such as canvas tote bags that can be repeatedly used for shopping trips!

Clearly then, the benefits of eco-friendly promotional products are not just about ‘standing out’ as a company, but also ‘standing up to be counted’ as an ethical and sustainable organisation.

Contact the team at Run Print Run if you want your brand to be seen; and seen as caring, far-sighted and environmentally conscious.

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