Print Artwork Design


A good design works; a bad design can damage your business – it’s a simple idea but all too often overlooked.

People will judge you on the look and feel of your printed material. At Run Print Run we have a team of trained and skilled graphic designers ready to work with you.
We’re here to ensure your artwork works for you, reflecting your business, your branding and your marketing campaigns.

All our printing products have pre-determined graphic design prices as options if you wish to use our design services. The prices indicated with each product should be accepted as a guide and are a minimum that you would expect to pay depending on your special requirements or instructions.

Supplied Artwork


Adobe Acrobat PDF format files are our preferred choice for fast turnaround work – this is also the best method for Pagemaker, Microsoft Word or Publisher files (see below). However it is imperative that you create PDF’s as ‘press optimised’ with bleed, cropmarks and fonts embedded and follow our imported photos guidelines, as faults in PDF’s cannot be easily ‘fixed’ later in production if you get it wrong.

Quark Xpress or Adobe InDesign files are accepted if ‘collected for output’ / ’packaged’ so all the related files and fonts are included. Pages must be set up to the correct size with bleed.

Freehand, Illustrator and Coreldraw files are acceptable ONLY if saved in .EPS format. Bleed and cropmarks must be included. You may be charged our minimum artwork charge of £12.50+VAT plus standard hourly rates thereafter if we have to re-save native format files.

Photoshop or similar files should be supplied as 300dpi (400dpi if they contain text) CMYK .TIF files with LZW off. Highest quality JPG is acceptable if sending via our upload service. Bleed and cropmarks must be included. Do not send PSD files unless agreed otherwise. You may be charged our minimum artwork charge of £12.50+VAT plus standard hourly rates thereafter if we have to re-save PSD format files.

Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint need to be converted to PDF format.

We reserve the right to amend any of these prices at any time in line with costs of raw materials. All goods and services remain the property of Run Print Run Ltd until paid for in full.

Accepted Media – We can accept files saved onto: CD, DVD, USB flash drive and various flash memory cards. You can upload any files during or after checkout or you can transfer files to our FTP site. When sending work not using our checkout but via our upload service always ZIP all your files in a folder with your name or company as the folder name. Enter your job requirements in the message box and include your Name, Address and Telephone number. Please also add any Run Print Run quote number or job number you have been given to avoid any delays, as we cannot book in or process any work until we have received written instructions.

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